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MagicFlex Solutions

MagicFlex Interactive - Solution

MagicFlex Interactive

Web-based client with constant updates about each data center issue, its severity and suggested resolution.


This is a 24x7 solution for your data center operations team, pulling in relevant analytical insights from multi-environments (system, virtualization, SAN, LAN) and multi-vendor installations, and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format.

MagicFlex Data Center Report - Solution

MagicFlex Data Center Report

The report is a professional detailed snapshot of data center health, presenting executive summary, inventory, map and all problematic issues, including severity and resolution plan.


Report is suitable for data center/IT executives, as well as technical staff of all levels.


The report can be run periodically, such as once a quarter, or before and after projects, in order to gauge health of data center over time.

MagicFlex Enclosure Report - Solution

MagicFlex Enclosure Report

When you suspect that the root cause of a system issue is located in your HPE enclosure or you are deploying a new c7000 and want to ensure it is ready for operation, the Enclosure Report provides analytical insights necessary to identify problems and recommend solution plans.
Our vendor-agnostic analytical engine connects to all devices in the enclosure, including onboard administrator, virtual connect modules, and switches, identifying:


  • Multi-Vendor Knowledge Base Violations

              o  Customer Advisories
              o  Security Bulletins
              o  Best Practices/Validated Designs
              o  Software Compatibility Matrix

  • Performance/Port Errors

  • Configuration Mismatches

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