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Product Overview


AutonomIT is a smart automated end-to-end data center analytical solution. Operating in the system, virtualization, SAN, LAN, Storage environments, AutonomIT supports devices from a wide variety of vendors, presenting analytical insights in a single platform from throughout the data center.

Built in to AutonomIT is an analytical engine that examines device configurations and port metrics, reporting when issues are discovered. Our multi-vendor constantly updated knowledge base automatically ensure that you are up-to-date regarding vendor recommended compatibility matrices (software, firmware, drivers), as well as best practices, customer advisories, security bulletins and

end-of-life announcements.

Knowledge Base

  • Customer/Service Advisories

  • End-of-Life

  • Best Practices

  • Security Issue Analysis

  • Proactive Analysis

Keep track of security recommendations, vulnerabilities, best practices information for any vendor

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  • Port Metrics

  • Performance History

  • Anomalies Alerts

Monitor performance of your Datacenter, identifying metrics anomalies

Market Analysis


  • Redundancy Analysis

  • Validated Designs

  • Volatile Configuration prevention

Have a co-pilot in configuring your datacenter assets, that will recommend  the best setups

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  • Inventory/Hardware Discovery

  • Specific Enclosure/Full Data Center Auditing 

  • Vendor-Agnostic Compatibility Matrix Analysis

  • Remediation plan

Keep track of your hardware and software summary, See the best compatibility suggestions and updates available

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AutonomIT covers all areas of expertise used in modern Datacenters. And continuously expend  new vendors, models, API/CLI version support.

Installation,requirements and data retrieving

To support high security environments, AutonomIT is deployed as a virtual appliance that is:


  • Agentless

  • Operates in read-only mode

  • All data is store on premises

AutonomIT collects all the information via official vendor API's or by CLI sessions. 

These access interfaces works over some common protocols that have to be exposed to AutonomIT  virtual appliance.

  • HTTP/HTTPS (80/443)

  • SSH (22)

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