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MagicFlex Protects Data Centers from Flash EOL Security Risk

In light of the recent hacking cyber-attacks that were published during the last few weeks and the announcement from Adobe about the end of Flash support, I wanted to remind all of our friends about MagicFlex, an advanced fast and effective solution that performs tens of thousands of quick and accurate security analyzes, enabling end-to-end predictive and proactive maintenance.

The solution, digital and automatic, is very easy to install (a few minutes), and produces in a very short time a snapshot of the data center infrastructure health including recommendations for addressing the problems:

  • Thoroughly analyzes the multi-vendor data center environment and provides alerts and recommendations on where and how to repair

  • End-to-end service: servers, virtualization, LAN, SAN

  • Compatibility of VMware versions with servers, including drivers, HBA versions, etc.

  • Detection of configuration issues, such as lack of VLAN or VNIC in VMware environment, which can lower system availability

  • Detection of communication problems in server blades and LAN switches

  • Checks the integrity of SAN switches

  • Identifies root cause problems and presents resolution plan

  • Collects statistical data center information, including trends (CPU, bandwidth, IOPS) to be used for capacity planning

  • Produces detailed technical reports as well as maintaining an administrative dashboard showing the main faults and their severity

The solution is agentless and read-only, and does not require internet connectivity - it is therefore completely safe to run!

In addition, MagicFlex is the ultimate solution for addressing and blocking vulnerabilities in your organization's computer and server farms,

Recently, the hacking incidents at government agencies and large insurance companies made headlines and received a great deal of attention, but there are many other companies that are exposed to hackers who exploit security vulnerabilities in computer systems

Very soon (December 31, 2020) a large security loophole will open, and many organizations have not taken the necessary steps to address and prevent the system vulnerabilities, That is, Adobe will stop supporting Flash player, a product that is still installed throughout the data center in servers, hypervisors and SAN/LAN environments.

MagicFlex software allows you to perform automated and very fast analysis to detect the associated security vulnerabilities resulting from the discontinuation of Adobe support

And not only that, MagicFlex's AI-powered engine automatically presents a solution plan for fixing security breaches tailored to your unique data center.

MagicFlex provides a complete list of all affected hardware, software, firmware and drivers that need to be upgraded, removed, or replaced in order to fully disengage from Flash.

It is important to keep in mind that one upgrade in the data center often leads to additional upgrades in order to ensure end-to-end compatibility. MagicFlex warns in advance of all the required upgrades, automatically adapted to the specific data center. The recommendations allow you to develop a work plan to upgrade your data center optimally and with significant savings in work time, especially ensuring downtime is minimized.

Once the upgrade project is complete, MagicFlex will provide authentication to confirm that your data center is fully disengaged from the Flash Player, and is compatible and healthy.

We are proposing a limited free-of-charge trial to present our capabilities to secure and significantly improve your data center cyber protection together with increasing overall stability and optimization.

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