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MagicFlex is the Ultimate Work Pipeline Planning Tool

Day to day Data Center management and maintenance involves constant upgrades of software, firmware and/or drivers. In multi-vendor big Data Centers this activity becomes more challenging as the conflicts between software versions of the various devices makes the upgrade much more complicated.

Sometimes even locating the appropriate versions is difficult and time-consuming. It is also crucial to check that the selected version does not conflict with Software of other data center devices. In addition, if multiple upgrades are required, the work plan must take into consideration the correct order of upgrades.

MagicFlex automatically identifies when upgrades are required, and builds a list of devices to be upgraded and to which versions. It also locates the software version for you. It is the ultimate tool for periodic and predictive planning that minimizes downtime, reduces workload and assures that there are no latent issues that might cause performance degradation or even outages.

MagicFlex is able to do this by utilizing its constantly updated multi-vendor knowledge base of software compatibility matrix, vendor customer advisories and securities bulletins, and end-of-life announcements.

Full details at the MagicFlex website:

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