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HPE Server BIOS-iLO Proactive Support

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

There are many challenges in managing using HPE BIOS-iLO, including:

  • Validation of Configuration and Best Practices

  • Handling the internal cyber-security policies/constraints (including security bulletins and breaches) and operational requirements

  • Keeping up with the thousands of customer advisories

Automatically and proactively identifying these incompatibilities, configuration & best practice violations, and managing security & customer advisories can save you time and also increase your system availability and stability.

MagicFlex supports HPE Server BIOS-iLO, which includes our constantly updated

knowledge base for:

  • HPE Server BIOS-iLO Security Bulletins correlating with the official CVE repository

  • HPE Server BIOS-iLO Customer Advisories

  • Multi-vendor HCL (Hardware Compatibility List)

  • HPE Best Practices

The HPE Server BIOS-iLO support is integrated into the full MagicFlex multi-vendor data

center analysis, identify issues and providing full resolution plans, enabling proactive troubleshooting, and validating optimal data center operations using a constantly

updated knowledge base.

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