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HPE Onboard Administrator Proactive Support

HPE Onboard Administrator Proactive Support

There are many challenges in managing HPE Onboard Administrator, including:

  • Validation of Configuration and Best Practices

  • Handling the internal cyber-security policies/constraints (including security bulletins and breaches) and operational requirements

  • Keeping up with the thousands of customer advisories

An additional obstacle in such an environment is that software/driver/firmware incompatibilities or other issues can cause unpredictable system behavior and outages. Manually trying to keep track of the thousands of vendor advisories that are issued is impossible.

Automatically and proactively identifying these incompatibilities and other issues can save you time while also improving your system availability and stability.

For more information, refer to the Onboard Administrator revision history on HPE website:

MagicFlex supports HPE Onboard Administrator, which includes our constantly updated knowledge base for:

  • HPE Onboard Administrator Security Bulletins correlating with the official CVE repository

  • HPE Onboard Administrator Customer Advisories

  • Multi-vendor HCL (Hardware Compatibility List)

  • HPE Best Practices

The HPE Onboard Administrator support is integrated into the full MagicFlex multi-vendor data center analysis, identify issues and providing full resolution plans, enabling proactive troubleshooting, and validating optimal data center operations using a constantly updated knowledge base.

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