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How MagicFlex Reduces the Risks on Data Center Operations that Evolve from Adobe Flash Player End-of

Updated: Dec 16, 2020


Adobe announced on July 2017 that they will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020, designating it an end-of-life product.

Adobe will be removing Flash Player download pages from its site and Flash-based content will be blocked from running in Adobe Flash Player after the EOL Date.

Adobe will not issue Flash Player updates or security patches after the EOL Date.

MagicFlex is the ultimate tool to reduce the security risk that will be created on data centers operations in supporting the many changes that will be required to completely disengage from Flash.

Why is this a Huge Issue for Data Centers?

Critical security flaws have dogged Flash over the years, putting end users and enterprises at risk.

That's why eliminating all instances of Flash Player - even if they're not currently in use -

is extremely important; even dormant it can be an issue! That's because a Flash vulnerability can be activated in several ways, such as if someone visits a malicious website designed to

exploit an unpatched flaw.

What should be done?

Customers will be required to remove all Flash-based interfaces by the end of 2020. Failure to do so will cause critical data center applications to be running using end-of-life software, which introduces tremendous security and support risks, and more than that will disrupt system operation altogether. For example, VMware’s recommended approach for customers is to upgrade their VMware vCenter server(s) to 6.7 Update 3 by Dec 2020 and use vSphere Web Client (HTML5) to manage the vSphere environment. This applies to all of vendors and products using Flash interfaces.

Otherwise, customers will not be able to manage their environments.

The Solution? Upgrade Quickly!

To comply, data center will be forced to upgrade their environments in a narrow window of time. This will impact every aspect of data center operation, causing an avalanche of compatibility and interoperability issues between different components, including VMware, storage devices, switches, etc.

At this point, many data center operators and integrators are not fully aware of what exactly needs to be done with the different components of the data center to disengage completely from Flash, especially when several different teams are involved (system, storage, network, security, etc).

MagicFlex to the Rescue!

Deploying MagicFlex will immediately identify the status of your data center pre-upgrade, detailing the required steps/versions for such upgrades throughout your data center.

MagicFlex provides a full list of all hardware, software and firmware which might be affected and should be upgraded, removed or replaced. MagicFlex will also provide the required steps to address the issues, automatically fitted to your specific data center.

After the upgrade project is complete, MagicFlex will then provide validation to confirm that your data center is fully compatible and healthy.

Take the risk and mess out of your upgrade. Install MagicFlex, and give yourself peace of mind.

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