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Game changer in the world of data centers

MagicFlex has developed an innovative way to prevent failures in IT infrastructure

Faults happen; there is no doubt about that. Both large corporations and small businesses suffer from malfunctions in their data center and cloud infrastructures. When faults occur, they create reputational and economic damage to companies a great cost – both in financial terms and harm to customers.

In recent years, a huge market has developed of companies that specialize in analyzing logs and metrics in order to find the causes of faults. Among these companies, MagicFlex stands out with an innovative and different approach, which sets it apart from the rest. MagicFlex has developed a unique, patented method for collecting the vast amount of information that exists and has been published by hardware and software companies, as well as online forums and other sources of information. Most faults are caused by known issues that have already occurred in other data centers in the world. Via vendor advisory notes, suppliers publicize ways to avoid and/or solve such faults.

MagicFlex stores all this information in a database, and combines this knowledge base with information about the IT infrastructure of the data center being monitored. The result is the use of all available information and experience that has already accumulated in the world to identify the causes of the local fault, and to recommend the optimal solution adapted to the local configuration. This is wisdom: Handling faults proactively before they occur and cause system problems.

MagicFlex rightly claims that existing fault management systems are simply not enough. Because it has developed a solution based on the information already stored on thousands of possible types of faults, it is possible to find the causes for them faster and more accurately than other diagnostic tools. Beyond that, it constantly monitors data center environments to prevent problems in advance. It's just like we do blood tests to find out and treat problems and diseases before they get worse.

Dealing with faults after they happen is not optimal. Treating them before they even occur, before they hurt customers and users - that's a whole other story, and that's the strength of MagicFlex compared to all the other systems on the world market.

MagicFlex's system is a monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting and optimization solution, designed for data centers and cloud systems. First and foremost, the system automatically analyzes the company's systems to detect risks of them crashing and declining performance. After the analysis, which is performed within a few minutes, the system provides a real-time response and provides an accurate analysis of the cause of the fault, as well as an individual plan for repairing each of the faults and preventing future faults, taking into account the entire computing environment.

It should be noted that MagicFlex's system does not make any changes to the company's systems, so it is completely safe. It is a Multi-Vendor, so it detects glitches caused by software crashes that run on hardware from different vendors. In the background, MagicFlex's system continues to scan the Internet and collects faults, adds analyzes based on the experience gained in the world and sends this information as an update to the customer.

A product that is two years ahead of the competition

MagicFlex, in its current structure, was founded in 2017 by Shalom Ramadi, who serves as the company's CTO. Its clients include several impressive entities, such as DHL, City of Calgary, 84.51°, Bank Leumi, Bezeq, the City of Tel Aviv-Yafo, government ministries in Israel and abroad, and the Ministry of Defense.

Ramadi was a senior technologist at HP and says that as part of a consulting firm he set up after working there, giant corporations would call on him to analyze faults and discover their root cause. After a while he realized that the number of servers, their complexity and the level of connections between the various devices would only increase, along with the faults between them. He therefore decided to develop software that would automatically perform the analyzes and address problems before they occur. That's how MagicFlex was born.

MagicFlex's CEO is Israel Aharoni, who stated that "our product is completely automatic, based on artificial intelligence and technologically two years ahead of any other product on the world market.

MagicFlex allows server data center managers to locate all faults and presents the optimal solution in a few minutes Even before the damage to the system's performance occurred." He noted that "we have also recently added a very powerful and unique algorithmic engine which allows for advance, early and accurate planning of all activities and projects, along with analysis and presentation of cyber vulnerabilities that exist in server farms and ways to fix them."

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