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Game Almost Over

A successful online gaming company cannot afford any slowdown or downtime; for them each second that users cannot not fully access their games results in a significant loss of in earnings. Therefore, they decided to install MagicFlex for its proactive alerts that would identify trouble spots before they resulted in major downtime.

They had installed HP’s Virtual Connect with an Active-Standby configuration on one of their production networks. With an Active-Standby configuration, the Smartlink feature should be disabled so that the Standby network will take over should the Active Flex network fail.

If SmartLink is enabled, when an issue occurs, both Flex internal networks will shut down. In this case, the company had mistakenly enabled Smartlink with their Active-Standby configuration. This was not a problem until the Active Flex1 lost connectivity. Ordinarily Flex2, the Standby network, would have taken over. Instead Smartlink identified the failure and both Flex networks lost numerous packets.

Fortuately MagicFlex was already installed and the Configuration Analysis quickly identified that Smartlink had been enabled.

Once this was corrected, the network resumed on Flex2 until the issue with Flex1 was resolved. MagicFlex remains onsite, providing alerts ongoing proactive analysis and alerts.

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