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AutonomIT X Systems Ltd. (2019) is an innovative software vendor, introducing unique perceptions and analysis for converged infrastructure environments. The company develops a distinctive technology that integrates advanced troubleshooting, preventive analysis, and actionable insights.


Company founder developed AutonomIT based on his experience as a data center architect and senior technical consultant. He recognized the need to easily make complex datacenters protocol agnostic where a variety of misaligned software and hardware must harmonize to allow for smooth operations, protect the business, it's processes and revenues.  


AutonomIT is expanding it's reach into the often ignored security vulnerabilities lurking in the physical infrastructure of the traditional, hybrid and private-cloud datacenters.   


AutonomIT simplifies identification of performance issues and significantly reduces the time required to troubleshoot situations within converged infrastructure environments.


Customers include government, defense and law enforcement agencies, large financial institutions, healthcare and communication enterprises. 


Shai Ramadi, Founder & CTO – Founder, Inventor, Former HP Solution & Network Architect,

networking, storage and systems expert.

Michele Adelson, CO-CEO - tech-geek and founder of 400M non-profit. Posthumanist, and co-author of the futuristic Transhumanist Handbook.  

Aleksey Kovalov – VP R&D, graduated ... 

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